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* This booking system is for our in-studio bookings only. Please email us to enquire for a location booking -
* Brides, please do not book a party look for your wedding events, we WILL NOT do brides as a party look. Any event whereby you are a bride to be or bride, is classed as bridal. If you have questions regarding this, please call us on 07754423465. In any event where it transpires that you are/were indeed a bride, you will be liable for the full bridal pricing of the artist in question, regardless of the service/look that you have been provided with.
We understand there can be slight delays, therefore we allow 15 minutes delays. However, if there is a longer wait than 15 minutes then there is a £50 charge for every 15 minutes wait. Alternatively the booking may be cancelled. 
If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your look, please speak to your artist on the day. If it can be amended, the artist will do their best to amend. We will not accept complaints once the booking is complete.

All deposits are non refundable. 
Cancellations must be made no later than 28 days prior to your reserved date or you will be responsible and liable for 100% of the booking amount.

Loyalty card is valid for 50% off Party Bookings ONLY and is subject to availability. Please mention when booking that your loyalty card is full.

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